Travellers can enjoy the convenience of travelling on new rapidways in the City of Richmond Hill!

Richmond Hill

Viva blue route map

This new 5.5 kilometre stretch runs along the existing Viva route on Centre and Bathurst Streets to the Bathurst & Highway 7 Station. 

Viva blue will service the new rapidway vivastations in the City of Richmond Hill. The rapidway runs along Yonge Street between Highway 7 to Major Mackenzie Drive, and Levendale Road to 19th Avenue/Gamble Road. There are seven new stations:

  • Bantry-Scott
  • 16th-Carville
  • Weldrick Road
  • Yonge & Major Mackenzie
  • Elgin Mills Road
  • Bernard Avenue
  • 19th-Gamble

Viva blue travellers may board the bus at one of the new stations located in the centre of Yonge Street. Local YRT routes will continue to service curbside stops.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get to the station in the centre of the road?
You can get to the station by crossing at the signalized intersection and turning onto the platform ramp at the centre of the crosswalk. To return to the sidewalk from the station, a pedestrian light with push-button activation is located at the centre of the crosswalk at the platform ramp.
Will I be able to safely cross the street?

At signalized intersections with vivastations, pedestrians may cross in two stages if unable to get to the other side during the first signal. To help guide them safely across, new pedestrian signals and a pedestrian countdown have been installed. The countdown will let pedestrians know how many seconds they have left to safely cross the street.

There is also a waiting area in the middle of the crosswalk, where pedestrians can push the “walk” button and wait for the next light before crossing the second half of the street, if needed.

How will Viva rapidway service differ from my curbside Viva service?
Viva rapidway service will offer all the things you already love about Viva on other corridors, with the added benefit of being in your own lane and not being caught in congested traffic. Plus the stations will have amenities such as a heated enclosure, security surveillance and live service announcements so even your short wait for the next vehicle will be pleasant.
What happens in the event of an emergency on a vivastation platform?
A customer can push the emergency call button for (24/7) assistance and their call will be answered by a York Region Enforcement Dispatcher, which allows for two-way communication. Surveillance cameras will pan to the emergency call button area and blue pulsing lights on the platform will be activated to attract the attention of responders.