Beginning January 1, 2021, YRT no longer accepts paper tickets. Travellers may purchase their YRT fare using a PRESTO card or through their smartphones with YRT Pay app and Transit app. Visit our Paperless page for more details.

YRT offers several payment options to purchase your YRT fare. Learn more about our payment options below:


PRESTO is the smart card fare option for York Region Transit (YRT). With a PRESTO card, you won't have to worry about buying bus tickets, a paper monthly pass or having correct change to ride YRT.

Learn more about PRESTO

YRT Pay App
YRT Pay App

YRT's mobile fare payment app, YRT Pay, allows customers to purchase YRT fares anywhere, anytime, through the convenience of their smartphones. 

Learn more about YRT Pay App

Graphic of the Transit App displayed on a mobile phone
Transit App

Plan your trip and purchase your fare all in one go with the Transit App, available on iOS and Android.

Learn more about how to pay with Transit App

Using TTC in York Region

Customers can now use PRESTO when travelling on TTC bus routes in York Region. For more information, visit our Connecting Services page.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How do I pay for my bus fare?

Customers can pay their YRT fare using a PRESTO card or through their smartphones with the mobile payment apps, YRT Pay app and Transit app, available for free in the App Store or Google Play. Cash fares will still be available.

Can I still pay cash fare?

Yes; however, we encourage customers to take advantage of discounted fares offered through a PRESTO cardYRT Pay app, and the Transit app.

View our Fare Chart for a complete list of discounted rates.

How do I get a PRESTO card?

Customers can purchase a PRESTO card online at, or in-person at any Shoppers Drug Mart location and at select YRT PRESTO fare agents. Visit our Where To Buy page to find the nearest PRESTO fare agent near you.

How do I use a PRESTO card?
Visit our PRESTO page for details on how to use a PRESTO card.
How do I use the YRT Pay app?
Visit our YRT Pay app page for details on how to use the app. 
How do I pay with the Transit app?
Visit our Transit app page for details on how to purchase fares on the app. 
Does the Mobility On-Request service accept PRESTO?
Yes. All payment methods are accepted on all Mobility On-Request services (PRESTO, YRT Pay appTransit app and exact cash).
Can I use my PRESTO card to pay for a companion?

Yes, on Local services only. To pay for additional passengers, tell the driver before you tap on. Additional adult e-purse fare(s) will be deducted from your card balance.

For cross-boundary travel, companions must pay the full fare when transferring to other transit services.

Please note: this option is not available on Viva and Mobility On-Request services.