Cross Boundary Travel

Metrolinx leads significant accessibility initiative

Working together to get paratransit customers moving

Eight GTHA paratransit agencies have signed an agreement which promotes easier and more convenient cross-boundary travel for people who use mobility aids. The signing agencies, led by Metrolinx, are:

  • Burlington Handi-Van
  • Durham Region Transit Specialized Services
  • York Region Transit Mobility Plus
  • Hamilton Accessible Transportation Services (ATS)
  • Milton access+
  • Oakville care-A-van
  • Peel TransHelp
  • TTC Wheel-Trans

If a paratransit customer is registered (in good standing) for paratransit services in the municipality they live in, they can now transfer to any of the paratransit agencies listed above to complete their trip, without undergoing an eligibility approval process with each agency.

With over 50,000 mobility aid users in the GTHA, this agreement opens up new possibilities for travel, and makes cross boundary trips possible that mobility aid users may not have considered before.

Customers can also use these paratransit services to get to and from accessible conventional transit services, like GO Transit, Viva or Züm. For more information, paratransit customers are asked to please contact their local paratransit agency.

The Cross-Boundary Specialized Transit Improvement Steering Committee is comprised of 12 conventional transit and paratransit service agencies across the GTHA, led by Metrolinx. The committee works to address barriers to cross-boundary travel for paratransit users and was responsible for implementing this initiative.

To learn more about the initiative and to see a video outlining the benefits of the agreement, please visit the Metrolinx Accessibility webpage.  

Click here to read more about Metrolinx's commitment to accessibility.


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