A new and improved Trip Planner tool is now available on yrt.ca! The new tool now offers a one-stop-shop for planning your trip, finding or printing a schedule, getting real-time arrival times, or finding your closest stop.

New features include:

  • Real-time trip information
  • Detailed and print-friendly bus schedules
  • Quick search for the closest bus stop and next trip
  • Improved options to build customized trip plans
  • Mobile and desktop friendly

The Trip Planner is easily accessible from the main page of yrt.ca, making it more convenient for travellers on the go.

Click here to start planning your trip!


RideNow update:

The previous RideNow tool has been replaced with the “Schedules and Departures” tool. Customers can access the tool through the link on the yrt.ca homepage or by clicking “Next Departures” on the Trip Planner page. To look up your bus schedule or real-time arrivals, simply enter your four-digit stop number or route number in the search field.