Photo of a senior in a wheelchair assisted by a YRT staff off-boarding a YRT vehicle.

Mobility Plus is York Region's door-to-door, shared ride, accessible public transit service for people with disabilities. If you are unable to use regular public transit due to a physical, cognitive, visual or sensory disability for all or part of your trip, Mobility Plus may be for you.

To use this service, you must meet specific eligibility criteria. Eligibility is considered on a case-by-case basis and is not based on a particular disability, nor is it based on income level or lack of accessible public transit in an applicant's area. Visit our Registration and Eligibility page to find out if you meet the eligibility criteria.


Follow the links below for information:

Registration and Eligibility

Instructions and methods for registering for Mobility Plus service. You must meet specific eligibility criteria to use Mobility Plus.


Booking Your Trip

Learn how to book and cancel your trip by phone or online, and things to remember to prepare for your trip with us.


Transfers and Cross-Boundary Travel

A list of transfer locations where you may connect to other specialized transit services for easier and more convenient cross-boundary travel.


Safety and Mobility Aid Requirements

A safe vehicle, securement, and an escort to and from the door are Mobility Plus standards. All mobility aids must be kept clean and in good condition.


Support Person Assistance Card

A photo card that identifies the cardholder as a person who, because of their disability, needs to be accompanied by a support person.


Appeal Process

Learn how to file an appeal with Mobility Plus.


Family of Services

YRT's Family of Services includes conventional YRT, Viva Rapid Transit, community bus, Mobility On-Request and Mobility Plus door-to-door services.

Mobility Plus clients may be able to travel using YRT's Family of Services for all or part of their trip. Each requested trip is assessed on a trip-by-trip basis.

For more information, download the Mobility Plus Information Guide and Mobility Plus Passenger Guide below.

Mobility Plus Information Guide (PDF 540 KB)   Mobility Plus Passenger Guide (PDF 2 MB)