Attention travellers: The Ride On-Demand mobile app and online booking option has been disabled until further notice. To book a trip, please call the Mobility On-Request Contact Centre at 1-866-744-1119. Visit our Contact Directory for our complete list of hours and contact information.

Self-isolate (do not leave your house) if you have ANY of the following:

  • Symptoms such as fever, new or worsening cough, or new or worsening shortness of breath
  • Close contact with someone who has COVID-19
  • Close contact with a person who is sick with respiratory illness and has recently travelled outside of Canada
  • Travel history outside of Canada in the last 14 days
  • Are over the age of 70
  • Are immunocompromised

If you have symptoms, return home and self-isolate immediately. Seek assessment at a COVID-19 Assessment Centre. Please visit for more information.


Graphic of a laptop screen and a mobile phone showing the Ride On-Demand Booking System page.

The Ride On-Demand online booking tool makes it easy to book, confirm or cancel a trip on Mobility On-Request Paratransit.

Getting Started

To begin using the online booking tool you need to create an account on your first visit:

Step 1: Visit the Ride On-Demand booking tool page at
Step 2: Select "Create Account" and answer the questions 
Step 3: Book your trip!

Once your account is created, simply visit the Ride On-Demand booking tool page at and sign in with your email address and password, for future bookings.

Features of the online booking tool include:

  • Contact and information pages for Mobility On-Request Paratransit
  • Individual customized trip planning
  • Detailed travel itineraries
  • Trip history and future trip information
  • Map and estimated time of arrival updates

Ride On-Demand Booking Tool  

Please note: Effective December 31, 2019, the old online web booking tool has been discontinued.


Ride On-Demand App

On the go? The Ride On-Demand booking tool is mobile-friendly. The Ride On-Demand app is available 
for free on iOS and Android devices in the 
App Store or Google Play.