As Open Data expands, more data sets will be available. YRT intends to release all data allowable by law.

What is Open Data?

Open data is an information movement where organizations release data for free to the public. The data can be used for any purpose, without restriction as part of the public domain. The information can be used, reused and redistributed, as long as it meets YRT's Licence Agreement.

YRT will not release information that was not legally collected or that infringes on any privacy rights.

Upon downloading this data you have agreed to YRT's Open Data Licence Agreement.

Google Transit Feed Specification (GTFS)

YRT delivers Google Transit Feed Specification (GTFS) and real-time GTFS content to Google for inclusion in their map services. GTFS is an open format for packaging scheduled service data. You can learn more about GTFS at Google's Google Code page.

YRT GTFS and real-time GTFS data

YRT GTFS data is delivered in a ZIP file. You will need to read and agree to the Open Data Licence Agreement before you can download the file. After downloading, use the calendar file to see the range of dates the data is valid for. Complete the online form below to receive the YRT GTFS and real-time GTFS data.

YRT GTFS Data Online Form


Frequently Asked Questions:

How often is the GTFS data updated?

YRT GTFS data is generally updated every three months in line with YRT board periods or when major schedule changes occur. An updated GTFS package is posted when new schedules are created and available.

Which routes are included in the GTFS data?

All YRT routes are included in the GTFS data package.

Why are the trip plans produced by Google Maps sometimes different from the ones produced on

Google Maps uses global rules for finding the best itinerary, while YRT's trip planner tools are optimized with specific user parameters and preferences.