Photo of a senior with his grandson showing the bus driver proof of payment on the YRT Pay app.

PRESTO is now accepted on TTC bus routes in York Region. Please note that TTC PRESTO tickets are not accepted on any YRT or TTC route operating in York Region (north of Steeles Avenue).

Our fares let you travel on any YRT vehicle in any direction for two hours with just one fare. Fare is valid for two hours from time of issue/validation. Travel must be completed within two hours of fare issue/validation. 

If you begin your trip on a YRT bus (or Brampton Transit or TTC bus operating in York Region) you will need to pay the cash fare, deposit a valid ticket into the fare box, tap a PRESTO card, or show your valid monthly pass or mobile ticket/pass (YRT Pay app). If you will be transferring to another YRT or Viva route, remember to ask for a transfer when you pay your cash/ticket fare. If using PRESTO, your two-hour transfer is placed electronically on the card. If using the YRT Pay app, your mobile ticket/pass acts as your transfer. See the Fare Policy page for more details on fare integration policies.

Viva operates on a pre-paid, proof-of-payment system. There are no fare boxes on Viva so you must purchase tickets and passes, tap your PRESTO card or activate your mobile ticket/pass prior to boarding. If you are using an unvalidated ticket, you must validate it at a vivaNow machine (located at all vivastations and terminals) prior to boarding. When a ticket is validated, the date and expiry time are printed on the ticket. If you are using a single ride ticket, the date and expiry time are printed on it at the time of purchase so it does not need to be validated. Hold onto validated tickets and transfers, or present your PRESTO card or mobile device (with the Pay app) when Transit Enforcement asks for proof of payment.

Vivastations along the rapidway have a designated area for purchasing or validating fares. After purchasing or validating your fare, you will be able to wait in the Fare Paid Zone to board Viva vehicles. Proof of payment is required inside the Fare Paid Zone. Customers inside the Fare Paid Zone without valid tickets, transfers, passes, PRESTO card or mobile ticket/pass may be subject to a fine or criminal charge. 

To transfer to a YRT bus, deposit your validated ticket into the farebox or show the driver your YRT pass. If using PRESTO, tap your card on the device next to the driver; your continuous travel and transfer is automatically calculated. If using the YRT Pay app, show the driver your activated mobile ticket/pass and tap the screen to show that the fare is valid.

Customers travelling without valid tickets, transfers, passes, PRESTO card or mobile ticket/pass may be subject to a fine or criminal charge. Click here to learn more about Transit Enforcement and fines.

Transfer Policy (PDF 32 KB)