Image of a two students in winter coats wearing masks elbow greeting in front of Pioneer Village Terminal

Winter is better when we're together

For 20 years, we’ve been connecting travellers to the important places and people in their lives. In a flash, the pandemic changed everything. We changed too, putting in place strict new safety measures to protect the health and safety of everyone on board, at terminals and in rapidway stations. We proudly continued to support communities by safely connecting people to businesses and front-line workers to essential jobs. 

No matter where you need to go, there’s a warm, comfy seat waiting for you. Whether it’s early morning shifts, shopping at the mall, family get-togethers, cheers with friends or getting to school, we’ll keep you safe getting there.

We’ve all been through a lot these past two years and things may never be the same, just know we’re always here and happy to have you on board whenever you need us.

Looking forward to travelling with you!

image of a viva bus at a vivastation during winter

Service Changes

As the pandemic recovery continues to evolve, we’ll continue to adjust and improve our services to better connect you to the places you want to go. Check back regularly for route and schedule changes.
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Safety Measures

We care about your health and safety while your travelling with us and have implemented new and enhanced measures to protect you, other travellers and our employees.
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School Specials

We have the information you need for the 2021/2022 school year.
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Frequently Asked Questions

We’re here to answer any questions you may have about travelling with us during COVID-19 and beyond.
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York Region COVID-19 Updates

York Region has everything you need to know to stay informed of COVID-19 updates, including information on how to keep yourself protected, symptoms and testing, the Voluntary Isolation Centre, vaccinations and more.