Starting Monday, February 26, 2024, Ontario’s One Fare Program will provide transit riders with free transfers when connecting to and from the TTC and York Region Transit (YRT), using a PRESTO card, credit, debit or PRESTO in Google Wallet. 

Fare and service integration is a shared goal of the province, municipal transit systems and Metrolinx. Better coordinated fares make cross-boundary travel and transfers more attractive and affordable for riders, simplify their transit experience and help to continue to rebuild ridership. 

This new program involves the participating transit systems listed below, where riders taking a cross-boundary trip with TTC currently pay a double fare:  

  • Toronto Transit Commission (TTC)  

  • York Region Transit (YRT) 

  • GO Transit  

  • Brampton Transit  

  • Durham Region Transit  

  • MiWay  

How it works 

To receive a free transfer when connecting to and from the TTC, you must use a PRESTO card, credit, debit or PRESTO in Google Wallet payment on a PRESTO device.  

PRESTO automatically calculates a 100% discount and applies it to your PRESTO card or PRESTO payment with a credit or debit card. 

Transfers are valid for two hours if you start your trip on YRT and within three hours of the start of your GO Transit trip. 


For more information, visit the One Fare Program page.